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Danao Adventure Park Bohol Philippines Extreme Thrills – The Plunge

Experience Extreme Thrills riding – The Plunge in Danao Bohol Philippines.

E.A.T. Danao or the Danao Adventure Park has the only canyon swing in the Philippines. And it’s called the Plunge. It’s considered the main attraction of the Danao Adventure Park here in Bohol Philippines.


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The most thrilling activity in the Danao Adventure Park is the canyon swing which is called the Plunge. It’s a 50-meter free fall from the top of the 200-meter high cliff. Then as you hit the end of the rope, you’ll be swinging over the canyon for about 5 minutes until they are able to haul you back up again.

Contact Information Danao Adventure Park

Booking Office: Ma. Wiena Saguid (0921)759-4403 / (0917) 302-1700
Tourism Office: Ana Loinda Saluan (0917) 302-1701 / (047)252-9978

Map Location to Danao Adventure Park Bohol Philippines

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  1. We went on the Bohol Extreme Thrills The Plunge when we were in Danao Bohol Philippines, it was great!

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