Passenger Guide

Passenger Guide To and From the Bohol International Airport Airport

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(TAG) Panglao International Airport is easily accessible by an efficient transport network with multiple modes of transport. You can Ride a taxi or tricycle going to the Integrated bus terminal from where you can find GT Express a V-Hire van or a southern star bus.

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How to get from Bohol to Cebu and vice-versa by ferry

There are several ferries that regularly serve the Tagbilaran-to-Cebu route. Some of these ferries are equipped with an open-air deck from where you can enjoy the journey with smaller islands dotting the sea. It's also quite safe with the staff providing safety instructions before departing the pier.


Here are some other options

Hire a taxi. Most convenient but also more expensive.
Hire a tricycle. It should be around 500 pesos.
Go to a van. Share it with other people โ€“ just ask around โ€“ and haggle the price down.