Vita Isola Leisure Farm in LOON Bohol Philippines

Live the beautiful Island Life at Vita Isola

Vita Isola means “Island Living”. It’s a way of life. More than just a premier destination north of Bohol, they offer you a place to reconnect with yourselves. Their Organic Garden, Aqua Farm, and sprawling lawn allow you to slow down, and enjoy the view. This is the sanctuary they built away from the noise and chaos of the city. Experience the beautiful Island Life here at Vita Isola.

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There are several ferries that regularly serve the Tagbilaran-to-Cebu route. Some of these ferries are equipped with an open-air deck from where you can enjoy the journey with smaller islands dotting the sea. It's also quite safe with the staff providing safety instructions before departing the pier.


The Vita Isola Leisure Farm in LOON Bohol Philippines advocates sustainable organic farming. They believe that anyone can build a pesticide-free, fresh and healthy farm in their own homes. From the organic garden, take a detour to meet varieties of native and Hubbard Chickens, Turkeys, Goats, Quails, and Rabbits who have made their home at Vita Isola Leisure Farm in LOON Bohol Philippines. Get your fill and stuff yourself with these delectable Visayan dishes made from farm-fresh ingredients or the day’s fresh seafood catch. Enjoy this at their breezy,nature-inspired Casa Boholana Restaurant.

Vita Isola Leisure Farm La Casita (The Little House) is a splendid and comfortable two-bedroom house specially designed for guests who want the privacy of Vita Isola. It has access to an organic farm, and the infinity pool, and offers a scenic view of the sea. You can go to an island, take a kayak, and paddle gently across serene coastal waters. Just ahead you’ll find a mangrove forest where you maneuver your kayak around the giant roots of age-old trees.