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Pamilacan Island Paradise Hotel is a private and exclusive native style beach villa located on a seven-hectare property in Pamilacan.

A small island in Municipality of Baclayon which is famous for dolphin watching around its waters and a popular diving site for experienced divers.
Pamilacan Island Paradise Hotel has a half kilometer private beachfront with cabanas and beach huts, perfect for those who want to experience the tranquility and solitude of being in their own island paradise.
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Well-appointed guestrooms and suites at Pamilacan Island Paradise Hotel are tastefully furnished and equipped with modern amenities to ensure guests’ utmost comfort. There are en-suite bathrooms with a hot shower, air-conditioned rooms, and telephone connection. Guests will have their meals prepared by an in-house cook that can serve a wide range of delicious dishes.

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Guests can enjoy many activities on the island such as dolphin watching, diving, fishing, and bushwalking around the island. Offering views of the Mindanao Sea and Pamilacan Island, this hotel is the right place for guests to enjoy some personal time. All beach resort rooms have air conditioning and ceiling fan. A large terrace with fantastic sea views. The island of Pamilacan belongs to the municipality Baclayon in Bohol and has a 500-meter long sandy beach.

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