Philippine airlines transfers to panglao international airport

Philippine Airlines Transfers to Panglao International Airport

ALL flights of Philippine Airlines (PAL) to and from Bohol will now arrive and depart from the new Bohol Panglao International Airport, located in Barangay Tawala, Municipality of Panglao, after the national carrier transferred there last November 28.

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How to get from Bohol to Cebu and vice-versa by ferry

There are several ferries that regularly serve the Tagbilaran-to-Cebu route. Some of these ferries are equipped with an open-air deck from where you can enjoy the journey with smaller islands dotting the sea. It's also quite safe with the staff providing safety instructions before departing the pier.


The old Tagbilaran Airport, located in Tagbilaran City, is now closed.

This is in accordance with the official notification issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

The new Bohol Panglao International Airport will be the only commercial airport serving the province of Bohol, including the City of Tagbilaran and Panglao Island.

The PAL ticket office at the decommissioned Tagbilaran Airport will remain open until December 15, 2018 to serve passengers during a three-week transition period.

While the PAL ticket office at Panglao Airport is being set up, PAL check-in counters at the new airport will be able to issue tickets if necessary to all passengers.

There is no need to re-issue or re-route tickets, as all currently issued tickets for travel to or from Tagbilaran remain valid.

The new airport will not change and retain the same “TAG” three-letter airport code.