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Where To Stay In Bohol For Everyone

There are tons of places to stay in Bohol but here are some ideas from the locals, for your vacation stay in Bohol to be a memorable one

Get GREAT tips from the Local Boholanos for cheap places to stay at really great Rates. Read about hotels and resorts in the city of Tagbilaran to resorts in the island of Panglao that are budget-friendly and are also great places to stay.
Alex Pool Inaw Beach Resort Panglao Bohol Bikini
Anyone who went to Bohol Philippines knows a thing or two about Bohol’s wonderful culture and diversity when it comes to friendly people willing to help you out with finding the best place your budget and location. Here are our recommendations (as we are locals) for an awesome, fun-filled vacation that won’t cost an arm and a leg, we hope you enjoy our wonderful island of Bohol, Philippines with this handy guide..
Resorts at Alona Beach is said to be the biggest attraction since the Boracay Closure, located in in Panglao Island.

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We welcome you to Bohol, Philippines have hope you have a great time here.
If you run into any problems here (God Forbid) you can always contact the local Tourist Police for assistance.
They will help you if you run into any problems you may have while your here in Bohol.

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How to get from Bohol to Cebu and vice-versa by ferry

There are several ferries that regularly serve the Tagbilaran-to-Cebu route. Some of these ferries are equipped with an open-air deck from where you can enjoy the journey with smaller islands dotting the sea. It's also quite safe with the staff providing safety instructions before departing the pier.


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